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Temple Learning Academy Mural

This mural was illustrated for a school within Leeds. The School wanted to encourage its pupils to be courageous and challenge themselves whilst at school. I was very pleased to have my design shortlisted for this brief.


"For my mural, I wanted to create a design that was not only courageous, but also incorporated the schools values and visions. I hope that the broad range of colours and activities means that each student that walks up and down the staircase finds something within the piece that motivates and inspires them. 


The Mural aims to open students minds to the possibilities and opportunities that are out there when they come to school, whilst also challenging them to be courageous each day and reach their full potential, whether that is by putting their hand up in class, joining a new club or by pursuing their favourite hobby."

mural small test png.png
IMG_2295 copy.TIF
IMG_2295 copy.TIF
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