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Weekly Briefing: Online/Virtual Happenings

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Tuesday 6th October

Extended personal research:

-Tracy Emin “I thrive on Solitude”

I am really fascinated to see how Emin had used this time in lockdown to relflect, emote and produce work that is personal to her yet relatable to many other viewers experiences throughout the pandemic.

On the bbc interview she expresses how as shes grown up, she understands the importance of having solitude to romantasize her work and explore her passion. She also explained how her time working in solitude made her form deeper and more intimate connections with her paintings and how she gained an unusual feeling of cherishing life and the importance of survival. The interview ended with a positive note where she explains how good things are coming, how kindness has grown in people and how the time taken to reflect has given people a new passion towards life.

Emin goes on to describe her work as linear and monochrome in style yet her work has layers of colours and paintings as wall as a story and history within it. It is amazing to see that all her work is drawn from her imagination as this is a skill I have long forgotten but would love to experiment with again. I especially like how she has added a story to this collection with her written notes to set a mood and atmosphere for her work. It feels melancholy yet also feels calming and relatable to observe due to the works washed out and memory like feel to it. The minimalistic feel to the exhibition highlights Emins work and also the act of scrolling adds a narative and journey through the exhibition that is different and personal to every individual as you have the power to go back or move forward with her work. Within the interview it was noted that these paintings were especially made for the viewing digitally as they were adapted to be a smaller size and that actually this was quite an intimate way of viewing her paintings as they can be viewed from anyones homes and personal spaces. These points are useful to reflect on when I think about presenting my work digitally in the future.

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