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Weekly Briefing and Scarlarama talks

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Tuesday 27th October 2020

Next Tuesday:

-group name

-target audience


-how will we market

-group presentation for formative feedback

part 1 - learn technical skills

-portfolio -submitted via google forms

-individual evaluation

-show one individual outcome that links to your skillset that also links to group too

- 5 min group visual presentation and a 7 min visual petcha kucha (20 slides for 20 seconds)


-Reliance- a small cinema and club in leeds

-pool turned into a festival exploring gentrification

-mussels in love- film - ate mussels and chips whilst watching the film

- posters developed -diy with a DVD and single viewing filming liscence

-filming every Thursday

-films exploring food waste and production

-left bank leeds- old church- got converted into a cinema


-odourama -scratch card creates a film with smells

-the scala cinema was an influencial cinema at kings cross london

- it was a cult cinema that had a book written about it and eventually closed in 1993

-in 2011 - scala forever was formed an event across london showing films as tribute to the scala cinema

- this was a success and led to the growth out of london and it being called scalarama

- a film fan turned into a festival

leeds scarlarama grew its own identity

- newspapers were created with a mini guide of what was on in leeds

-30/40 events in leeds

-had its own pale ale

-sharing the excitement of cinema

-branded popcorn


-dimentia friendly screenings

-did a xmas party and extended scarlarama out of September

-using film to spark conversations

-celebrate love of film and gap in the market

-raises awareness and shifts culture

Robert Barham

-virtually attended festivals

-hybrid festivals- online screenings and screenings in person

-townhall, vue and hyde park picture house

-LIFF and LYFF joined to form one festival

-enhanced safety measures used - cashless, no tickets, prebooking

-no volunteers when there is usually up to 100-120

- use social media to gain new audiences

-small group viewings were more fun

-film quiz and raffle

-24 hour screening marathon at hyde park picture house

-raises money for charity

-trailers via vimeo- shows what can be done on a budget

-prepare, plan and do what you love

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