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Building The Homepage

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Once we had officially decided what the design was for the house home page, I decided to get to work on developing the home page and bringing all of our work together. To bring the page to life, I added:

-hover box’s and button links to rooms

-Charity links

-worked on the homepage design

-Added room pages for the other members of the group

-added a room web page for the communal room

the hover boxs took the longest to work out as I had to make sure that the letters on the house looked right even in box’s so I had to match up sizes and made sure they all lined up.

For the charity links, I added some of my suggested companies however, I am waiting to review some charities with other members of the group to make sure they match our aims

For our charities we chose the NHS Wellbeing Service, Feel Better Leeds and Young Minds.

We chose these charities after seeing that they were used for the welfare fortnight and were approved by university. We also felt that they were professional and met our target audience.

I added this note at the bottom of the page so that the audience would know how to navigate through our homepage.

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