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Updated: Jan 6, 2021

For our website we used Wix. It was excellent to use as it has a simple editing software and it allows you to discover the analytics of your website. It was amazing to see that there were 480 site sessions and that our website attracted over 300 people. I was also pleased to see that the average site session duration was around 6 and a half minutes as it shows that the audience have engaged with the website and spent time going through it. This was a really rewarding insight to discover how effective our event was and made all of our hard work feel like it payed off.

Here you can see how people have accessed our website and it shows how social media has been a great tool for us, especially Instagram seeing it was the top site used to access our website.

This analytic shows where our audience are, the main location being the United Kingdom with a hot spot being in Leeds. It was also amazing to see that people from Poland and even the United States had been on our website.

This shows who what devices were used to view our website. Im glad that the audience had used a desktop to view our website as that was the device we advised to use as our website shows up the best on it however it is also understandable that mobiles were also common since social media was so popular to attracted an audience.

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