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The Giveaway

To help spread the word about our project, give something back to the audience and increase audience hype and engagement we decided to do a giveaway. Kaniaat was in charge of the giveaway, Ryan was in charge of the sticker production and Daria was in charge of the the postcard production.

Our giveaway was a self care package consisting of beautiful graphic stickers and postcards created by the team, A sketchbook set, a face mask and a set of candles! We also had 4 runners up who received a small sticker pack along with 3 postcards.

To enter the giveaway the audience had to follow the, repost on their story, tag a friend for an extra entry and fill out the what balances you post.

This post was designed to encourage the audience to interact with our account and project message.

This was the post we used to announce the winners to our giveaway! we used a random select software to pick and announce our winner fairly.

This is how we first announced our giveaway, as you can see we drip fed the details of it to get the audience interested and excited.


Overall I was really pleased with our giveaway as we had over 30 entries with a lot of positive feedback and those that won the giveaway were very excited and enjoyed the prizes. I also think it was nice that it was consistent with our project aims looking at self care and taking time to explore mental health and wellbeing. It was also really rewarding to see that we had formed physical work as a team that brought joy to other people.

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