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Initial Ideas For My Final Outcome

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Below is a photo of my sketchbook showing my initial ideas for my final outcome and event page. So far, I have the idea that my outcome will be the page itself and it will be a display of my experiences through this second lockdown of the little things in life that I am grateful for and have kept me grounded. I am hoping to make this relatable by sharing the little things that universally make people smile for example, a warm bath or a walk through nature. This idea has been supported by my research and survey. I also want to add an interactive section for the audience, where they can document the things that they are grateful for and I hope that this will allow them to have a change in perspective and reflect on the things that are important to them. As this is my initial idea there may still be changes along the way as to how my outcome is dispayed and presented but I believe these initial ideas is a solid basis for me to start working.

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