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Updated: Dec 23, 2020

At the end of my page, I wanted my audience to leave on a high and feel uplifted when they leave my page. As this page is a journey I see it's only fitting that it should have a good ending and to improve the narrative of my page. To do this I added a positive mantra and message which I illustrated using procreate. I also added a link to my art instagram so that viewers have the option to connect with me and see what other artwork I have created. I also added a link to the next persons room to add a flow to the website and make it easier for the audience to go through the house. The idea of pushing a door bell to the next room plays with this analogue feeling and adds visual links to a house.

Thank you development:

Button development:

Instagram Logo:

Here you can see I hand drew the instagram icon to add to my page aesthetic.

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