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Sticker Designs

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Our group decided to give out stickers as part of the giveaway for our event, and to help brand for our event. We all spent a week coming up with designs for 3 stickers which we then sent to Ryan who put them into a document ready for printing.

I decided for my stickers that I wanted them to link to my project so that it flowed and linked with my aims and with the event. I first thought about making stickers of some of the little things in life that I was grateful for however I decided that this might not be something the audience would understand its not personal to them and you cant add any context or personal notes. Below is an image of one of my initial sticker designs:

The sticker was of my plant in my living room. I liked the bright colours within it and the fact that having a plant is quite relatable to everyone. However as I mentioned before I don’t believe the message would be powerful enough in sticker format and we also then discussed in a group to use the group colour palette to present a unified and strong branding message for our event making this sticker design unusable.

After this first sticker design, I then looked at some of the drawing I had made for my lockdown pages and took inspiration from them and then came up with the idea of making some stickers with messages of acts to do to make an audience member happy. I really liked this idea as it meant that The stickers were more relatable and could spread acts of kindness and joy to others. Below are the designs I made along with some of my ideas about the designs.

The image on the left shows my initial illustrations and where the sticker designs have developed from.

For these designs I created them on Procreate as it has been the software I have been working on the most for my skill set development. I really liked using the software and learnt new skills as this was my first time using type in procreate and working with affects such as glitch and overlay edits. I started learning these new skills by watching some videos on YouTube and then having a play around on the software myself.

Below is a sideshow showing some of my experiments working with the glitch, merging settings.

Below are the sticker designs created by my group:

After we all finished designing our stickers, Ryan was able to merge them all together and print them out as physical stickers using the resources at University.

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