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Setting Up My Online Room

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

After having a tutorial with Sharon we discussed my ideas and questions I had about my virtual room and how I cold present it. I found this talk really helpful and we discussed that over the space of the week I should crack on with the making side so that I have some time to review work and make changes if they are needed. We also discussed using the correct tone of voice to encourage calm feelings and feelings of gratitude as well as making some links of a virtual room to my page on the website.

To start the creative and making side of my project I decided to work with my initial room design plan that I had made previously and use it to form a skeletal plan of my page.

I added 5 sections to my page being:

-An introduction- about my project and what my page is about

-My lockdown visual diary - exploring gratitude and the little things in life that can bring joy to you

-Get creative - a section sharing facts about the importance of being creative and where the audience can print out my PDF activity pack

-Share and connect - A space where the audience can share their lockdown experiences, how they are creative and photos of their completed activity packs to form a community of positivity especially in a time where human interaction has been limited and restricted.

-Thank you - a section to tell the audience that I appreciate them spending their time looking at my page and reminding them that they are important. I hope this will lift their spirits even more and mean they leave my page feeling happier.

Below are some of my notes and thoughts about my sections:

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