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Prep Reading for Laura Ager talk

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Sunday 24th October


-built a small cinema in Liverpool

-a contemporary cinema space built for the community

-its more human and gives you the opportunity to meet people and discuss topics of interest

-'creating cinemas not supermarkets' -a community not for consumerism

-changing spaces

-created the cinema via appealing for donations and by collecting materials from building sites and art galleries

-there was more value in the cinema as everyone came together to help build it and make it come to life

-they put memories of their favourite memories of going to the cinema on the entrance wall of the cinema

I really enjoyed this video as I have never thought deeply about the cinema or seen it as a community space, however it is touching and special to reflect on all my personal experiences of the cinema and how these practitioners have clung onto these moments. I also really like the idea of expanding the cinema and making it a space for discussions and a place for the community to just enjoy.

Scarlarama - Maria A. Valez-Serna -2016

- this is a yearly event that occurs throughout all of September

-there were 200 events in 21 different cities

-for cinephiliacs

-its aim is to 'fill the land with cinemas'

-Centre For Contemporary Art (CCA) in Glasgow was an event space and so was Hyde Park Picture House

-they were independent cinemas run for the community

-new and established cinemas took place in this event

-an old hairdressers enhanced its grunge atmosphere with projections on the wall and a live band

- less conventional cinemas - lights on allows interaction and discussions to happen

-brunches during screentimes

-simple acts of community building and celebrating the joys of hospitality

ICO - independent cinema office -Duncan Carson -August 24th 2017

- he launched his first film in Scalarama -played Hausa and Hxan in a victorian asylum

-he says you have to put energy into finding and connecting with people

-be nieshe and unique

BFI - young DIY British film programmers

-15-24 year olds make up the biggest proportion of cinema goers being 29%

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