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Postcard Design

To add to the giveaway and digital print out we all decided that it would be nice to design some postcards to giveaway.

To create my postcard I wanted to create something that linked to the idea of house and community so I started searching for streets and houses in Leeds which then led me to just search streets and houses. I came across this image below of almost identical houses in a row with these vibrant colours. I decided to use this image to start off with as I like the idea of showing how in this time we are all in the same situation and all in our houses. I also looked into some colour palettes using the one below as my main source of inspiration as it came across as soft and calming whilst linking to some of these warm yellow and red tones which I saw frequently used in Headspace. For the illustration you can see I have tried to use soft and warming tones to inspire comfort, safety and feelings of reflection.

I then develloped this image by adding typography as I wanted to add more meaning to the postcard and to make the viewer feel something deeper. After my ceramics and typography experiments I decided to play around again with the phrase “Come On In”. I thought this would attract an audience and make them feel special and welcomed to our online event.

Below is an image of my final postcard idea. I decided to crop out the bottom of my original illustration as I thought the top half was more effective in communicating a specific colour scheme. I also liked the idea of having links to the sky as it often has links to peace, serenity and comfort. I feel like the use of blending the type and image together was also effective as it’s cropped enough for it to look interesting but still easy to tell that there were houses behind it. I used this soothing and eye-catching blue for the background after looking back at the colour psychology saying blue can inspire trust and self expression allowing an audience to feel open and in a mindset suitable to then explore our website. I also think the blues and yellows compliment each other well in this postcard. The typography and bright colours also link to my research of Antony Burrill and Sister Kent.

Below are some of my experiments with type and layout:

These experiments were less effective in communicating my idea as they were either too chaotic contrasting my theme of peace or did not show enough of the houses disrupting my links to my event.

Illustration Development:

I worked on Procreate as I have been really enjoying illustrating on it and improving my skills and techniques.

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