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Official Logo Design

After our recent group discussion we discussed turning my initial logo design into a vector and adding a house silhouette to match the house on our homepage. To do this I went on illustrator on my ipad to recreate this logo. This was the first time I had used Illustrator on my iPad and i found it a success as it was easier to use with the ipad pen and it seems to work quite well. As you can see form the images below I used the silhouette for the house design and used the colours that matched our colour palette. I also added a outline line in these illustrations as I quite liked the blocked feel to the shapes.

Below are my final Logo ideas:

We then went to a vote on the group chat to decide which logo we liked the best


The poll ended up being a tie so we decided I could get the final say as I had designed the logo. I had first voted on the logo with the logo as I liked the look off it more as its more exciting however when I put them both on the website to experiment the simpler one looked better as the cloud looked funny when it had shrunk down. So I decided to go for the design below Which is now our official logo.

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