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My Room Background

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

To start off with I left my room background blank as I wanted my points and work to be the highlight of the page, however after some reflection I decided to experiment with some designs and play with the idea of creating an analogue feel to the room as I think its more calming and homely. I really liked the idea of creating a wallpaper for my room to make visual connections to a bedroom and to increase an atmosphere of calm and relaxation to allow the viewers mind to truly focus on the message I want to convey.

I first took inspiration from Pinterest and my current website and decided to create some tile designs as they are easy to form a pattern and I always link them to being on holiday feeling relaxed and in a place where you can forget about all of your worries. I first drew my design out in my sketchbook and then adapted them on procreate:

I decided to use my colour palettes for the background to add to my own branding and to maintain an aesthetic to my page. I also reflected on my colour psychology research to decide on which colours to choose and to make sure they matched my intentions.

After I made the single tiles I decided to form a pattern with them to see if they looked any different when shrunk down And in a pattern form.

Here you can see my experiments with the backgrounds and different aesthetics for my page. I was most drawn to the yellow and blue tiles as they worked best with the atmosphere and mood I was trying to create.

In the end I decided to go for the blue, as it is linked to freedom, balance and calm which matched my intentions best, I also think it went best with the aesthetic of my room and matched some of my artwork on my page. I also lowered the opacity of the tiles to make them subtle so that it didn’t overpower my work on my page. I was really happy that this background as it really added to the mood and atmosphere of the page meaning my intentions were highlighted.

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