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Introduction Animation

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

To create a link between my project and the idea of a virtual house, I decided to illustrate a scene from my own bedroom that I was grateful for. I have always loved looking out of my window and seeing the gorgeous sunsets in Leeds! I find it really calming to watch and its often at the time of day when we start to unwind and get ready in the evening. I thought this would be the perfect illustration to set the scene for my page and induce feelings of calm and relaxation to allow the audience to explore my page with a calm and clear head.

This was the first animation I have ever made using procreate. I like the stop start feel to the animation as it allows you to take note of each change and has an analogue and child like feel to it. I also added a flicker of a candle burning at the bottom to also set a scene of calm as it is often associated with relaxation and self care. Using an animation for the introduction of my page is also a good was to show how my graphic design skills have progressed and developed as it shows how much my digital skills have developed and shows my new skill of learning how to animate.

Illustration development:

Here you can see what my animation looks like on my page and how it works perfectly as an introduction and sets the atmosphere for the rest of the page. I also made sure that my introduction text linked to my animation to add flow and connections to my page and also to help set the scene and add context.

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