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Mental Health Chat 2

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Thursday October 2020

name: Im Balanced

Tone: empathetic, caring, light hearted, informative, funny. overall uplifting

Vibe: each project has a different tone but were all on the same wavelength

we decided to scrap the idea of making a map of Leeds as some people wanted to explore topics within the home and it was getting too complicated so we came up with the idea of creating a house and each person having their own bedroom where their project is. Each room will have a different aesthetic to it and feel like how everyones bedroom is unique and styled to them. We are also thinking of having some communal rooms like a living room and kitchen where we could host events such as live music and talks as well as interactive sections where the audience could leave a note or get a recipie.


-being careful around sensitive subjects and adding warnings before showing work that could cause harm.

-get permission to show videos

-went against the map due to health and safety reasons due to the pandemic and the current dangers of walking around Leeds (e.g: the Headingly alleyway)


- we looked at the artwork we liked on our padlet to come up with these decisions

-set on bright colours and picking 3 consistent colours

- homepage being a sliced house and the idea of being welcome into our virtual house in a time where we can't invite members of the public into our real houses

-warm tones, pinks and reds

-customize our virtual rooms in our own aesthetic

-need to come up with a typography style




-social media


-putting posters around uni and leeds

-barcode stickers linking you to our website

-stickers unique to our rooms

everyones brief ideas:

rebecca - typography, quotes

kaniaat- animation with her own music in it

hattie - illustrated animation with soundscapes

issie - colouring in book with typography and information

rosie- comic book - what i do to feel better


me - mini simple illustrated animations - things i am grateful for each week with an interactive sheet for the audience to take part in with information/studies looking into the benefits of drawing on your mental health along with some typography reciepie cards sharing classic lockdown meals and also comfort food for the students away from home.

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