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Logo Designs

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Tuesday 10th November 2020

For the logo of our house we decided to all experiment and create our own logos and then combine ideas together or vote on the one we liked the most. The image below shows the logos that we have designed in our own time.

My Logo Design:

I Initially started off with the logo on the left. I wanted to create the idea that our house is full of light in a time when things can feel quite dark. I also liked the idea of drawing attention to our house and making it feel warm and welcoming. I decided that my initial sketch didn't quite fit the aesthetics of the house and wasn't quite refined enough so I decided to create these logos on the right. I changed the colours to fit the colour scheme we had already decided and I then played around with different colour combinations and how the light bulb would be presented.

I was really happy with the logo ideas as i feel like they met my intentions of being light and welcoming and I believe that it fits the aims of the events quite well. This was also a success for me and my skillset development as this has been my first time designing a logo.

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