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Lockdown Activity Booklet

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

After speaking to Sharon and going over the work I had produced so far, we discussed the unique selling point of my project. I think my unique selling point to my project is that I have taken these dark and scary times and tried to flip it on its head and show the audience that there have been good times and we have all gained a gratitude for the things we have. To add to this I decided to create a lockdown activity pack encouraging creativity in the audience which was one of my aims as well as giving the audience to explore their own experiences and positives that have come out of lockdown. To create this booklet I used procreate and Indesign. This helped me develop my graphic design skills as it allowed me to experiment with book design and layout. This booklet was heavily inspired by my research into Colchester’s Art Gallery activity pack for their use of new ways of being creative and for helping those within lockdown. Below is my booklet and my thoughts and reasoning behind each page:

Below are my thoughts and reasoning behind each page:

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