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LinkedIn Learning: After Affects

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Composition settings:

- HDTV 1080 25 = high definition, 1080 horizontal lines, 25 frames per second. Good for vimeo and YouTube.

-Change the resolution of the preview to low if your computer is struggling.

-The software wants you to tell it how long it is before you start

-You can change the background colour

- If you make a mistake you can change these initial settings by- composition- comp settings. These makes the screen pop up and here you can change for example the colour and length.

Making animated traffic lights:

-You can add as many compositions as you want

-Command z = undo

-Layer-new-solid= opens options, 200pxls x 200pxls = square

- Square put on timeline + put inside folder to the left

-Command +/- = zoom in/ zoom out

-Edit-split layer breaks the length of the object on the timeline in two

- Use arrow keys to move object

-Command a = duplicate

-Shift-command d = split

-Click layer and drag to the bottom to affect layering on screen

- To make glass/ illumination - duplicate red light - layer- solid setting - darker red

Key Frames:

- How to do things at different times

- layer-new-solid-400x400-blue

-access layers properly where there’s an arrow- drops down a transform option (submenu)- arrow expand further shows position scale etc-stop watch icon- click-diamond shape on timeline- shows key frame working

-At this time do this

-Drag square along- sets a motion path- moves point A to B

-Distance of key frame points affect the speed

-Middle changes to form a curve

-Remove handles using pen tool - click them turns it into a straight line

-Work area- tells you what area heads exporting - plays in a small loop to focus on a section

-B = start N= end

-Can form interactions between shapes

-How do they interact - friction? Weight? Movement?

-Cross hair shape = anchor point

-Anchor point tool by camera to change point position - causes scales to work around anchor point

- P=position R= rotation S= Scale T=opacity - key frame shortcuts

-U= reveal all active key points in composition, UU= reveal all altered points in composition

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