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Lecture- Communities of Practise

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Thursday 8th October 2020

Examples Of Communities Of Practise:

Guerrilla Girls:

-Activists, conceptual, feminist art


-Anonymous artists

-Shaming the artworld, embarrassing people by name

-Protests, prints, lectures, billboards

-‘dearest art collectors’

-Caused a ripple effects, movement evolved, influenced the “pussy riot”

Black Audio Film Collective:

-Made experimental films

-Explore memory, history, aesthetics, displacement, identity, black popular and political culture in the uk

-Still from testament (1988) - the tv need to invest into black culture and media

- They wouldn’t be put in a box, explored all styles

- In the thatcher years cultures and the arts weren’t valued and promoted homophobia and racism

Nous Vous:

-William Luz - prints and ceramics

-Jay Cover - line, form, colour

-Nic Burrows- Collage, abstract, figurative


-Directors, animator, illustrators


-Broad styles

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