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Updated: Nov 23, 2020

To add some validation to my project idea I decided to form a question and ask what made people smile in everyday life. I did this to see if there were any key themes items and feelings that linked to the little everyday pleasures that makes peoples days. This is useful to my project as it is something I can refer back to when I start creating my lockdown diary of all the things that I have appreciated each week. I can also work out if what I add is relatable to other people. I believe doing this survey will also add some validity and backing to my project as it is proof that people do notice the everyday smaller moments when they think about it and that’s its not just a hypothetical theory. I also think that it is helpful to get some primary sources of research as it allows you to see the effects of your topic first hand and personally I believe it allows me to see things more clearly.

Below shows the story I created along with my thoughts and the responses I received.

I was really happy with how this survey went, however it would be good to receive a few more responses to add extra validity and to explore different age groups. To do this I might create a survey using survey monkey however I am currently very happy with the responses that I have received and as my project is targeted to this age range I currently don’t have an issue with these problems.

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