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Updated: Nov 23, 2020

In one of our meetings we discussed designing numbers for the 8 day countdown to the day of our event as we wanted to create excitement and drip feed the audience information about what our event is about. I was given the number 7 to illustrate so I went on Pinterest to gather some inspiration and came up with two ideas.

Idea one:

For this illustration I came up with this idea of showing a home comfort of reading a book and feeling calm and relaxed. I liked this idea however the final illustration came out as quite child like which doesn’t match our target audience so I decided to have a rethink.

For this idea I used inspiration form one of the images above. I liked the idea of the progressive change from dark to light and also showing the sea and sunset as I believe moments like those are the most calming and relaxing and also helps sooth worries away and helps you keep present. I’m hoping that when this pops up on peoples instagram feeds they have that instant feeling and reflect onto a time when they were at the sea allowing feelings of gratitude to pop up too. I also worked on keeping this warming colour scheme linking to headspace to increase an atmosphere of serenity and calm for the audience. I also thought this design was more suitable for our target audience so I went with this design.

Below are the other numbers designed by members of my group:

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