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Illustrating The Visual Diary

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

After exploring my weeks in lockdown I decided to develop my sketched illustrations into digital sketchbook pages that I could add them to my website and from a piece of work exploring the everyday moments I was grateful for over lockdown.

I decided that as separate weeks the illustrations were not as strong at communicating how many little things there were to make you smile. Because of this I had the idea of bringing all the illustrations together and creating one page showing everything in lockdown that made me smile. To do this I merged all my procreate pages together to form this new illustration.

Type Experiments:

After I merged all my illustrations together, I reflected on the outcome and decided it needed something to add to the communication of gratitude and after looking into Burills work and listening to the graphic lectures I decided to experiment with typography and subtly add the message in the background if my work. I like how this also added a pattern to my background and made my work more interesting.

Background Experiments:

Here I played with different opacities and layer blends to find the perfect background and colour.

The final illustration image:

Here are my thoughts and reasons behind my visual diary:

To make my illustration eye catching and exciting for the audience, I decided to animate my illustration so that each object has a moment to shine and be highlighted, as the pop up on screen your attention gets drawn to them so each moment which may seem small in the grand scheme of the illustration has a moment which highlights the power of its beauty and the joy it can bring. As the monents disappear for a moment It also allows the viewer to read the background text emphasising my message of being grateful for The little things in everyday life.

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