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Initial House Ideas

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

After coming up with our initial ideas of the event, as a group we had discussed the idea of creating a virtual home. We like this idea as during the pandemic we aren't allowed into each others homes, so we thought it would be nice to come up with a way of inviting the audience into a virtual one instead. I believe this will help the audience feel embraced and welcomed and i think this is key especially when it comes to discussing mental health and wellbeing. I also think this will allow the audience to let their guard down and be honest with themselves about how they are feeling which is part of the experience and what we want to achieve in our event.

To begin developing our house design, we all decided to do an initial sketch of a house so we could all experiment and with ideas that we could later combine as a collective.

For my initial house design I decided to use bright and welcoming colours to add to this feeling of creating a safe place for the audience to enter. I also used an illustrated and simple style for the house as I think having a minimal house will help create a calming atmosphere, I also think the illustration is quite childlike which i hope would also help an audience member feel at ease and help them escape the reality and stress of the current everyday life .

below are some illustrations made by other members in my group. I really like lots of different aspects of each persons illustration. We will combine ideas together and aesthetics in the upcoming week.

Poster Ideas By Rebecca:

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