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Group Meeting

Thursday 19th November

The Giveaway:

-After a back and forth email with Sharon discussing budget and suppliers we came to the conclusion that putting candles in the giveaway was not possible so we instead spoke about sending over sketchbooks in our giveaway either purchased from the library or hand made by Rosie after she attended a book binding tutorial.

-We also discussed the idea of giving runners up stickers and posters.

-How to enter the giveaway - we will post and advertise the giveaway of instagram and facebook before the event hoping that this will increase our following and also increase exposure to our event. To enter we will ask the audience to like the post, tag a few friends and share on their story along with an additional entry if the click in our website on the day of our event. This should increase excitement around our event and improve growth and engagement.

Confirmed Items:

In this meeting we finally confirmed our logo, homepage house and font meaning we can now progress and start bringing it all together.

- For the house we decided on Issies design as we liked the use of type in the house and the crisp feel of the graphic.

- For the logo we went with my design as we thought it would be good to have a logo without any type since the house had type on it. The only changes being made is we want the house silhouette to match the house of our homepage and I need to put it in vector format. We chose the logo where the lightbulb is dangling upside down.

-For the font we put Rebecca in charge as she has done lots of work linking to type before and she was interested in playing with the type more. We ended up Choosing the type Popina as we thought it was easier to use for a body of text which could give you more flexibility.

-Ryan now wants to take charge of the living room and kitchen illustrations for the house homepage

-Ryan and Daria are on posters

New Ideas formed:

- We want to combine the living room and kitchen into one room and calling it the community room as we couldn’t think of enough things to add into the kitchen except for a recipe card so we thought it would be better to merge all communal activities into one space.

-Illustrate a pin board for the community room so we can add on any activities or events on there

- Add a short film viewing to the community room exploring mental health and wellbeing

-add how we display our stickers to the community room and how we have displayed them also with a picture saying spot our posters around town.

-follow all the other events on instagram and people we know to start building up our instagram

- idea of audience writing a worry and throwing it into a bin - interactive section on the community room

inspired by the scream into the void website:

During this call I gave a 5/10 minute tutori all on how to use Wix just to give everyone the basics so that they could start designing their own pages and so they had a basic knowledge on how to use the site.

Tasks for me:

- design stickers by Sunday

- finish logo in vector form

-illustrate pin board for community room

Sticker Poll:

Here we discussed weather to have clear or white stickers.

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