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Graphics Lecture: What is a brand?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Tuesday 20th October

5 Logos I Love:

I like these logos mainly for how distinct and recognisable they are but I also like how each logo has something unique about it.

  • Starbucks - this logo is something you see on a near daily basis. I really like the type of the logo and also how clean it is especially with its circular border

  • Ecosia - this is a web browser logo that I think is so different and unique to the rest. I like the pastel colours and the lightness to the design which relates to its positive motives of planting trees per search.

  • Tate- this logo is really unique but also very interesting. i find it quite mesmerising and it also strongly relates to the design and creativity of the brand. I really like the contrast between the positive and negative spaces in the logo which I think relates strongly to the vast amounts of space within the gallery

  • Coca-cola - I like how instantly recognisable this logo is and when I do look at it I instantly think of being on holiday with a cold can of coke and the refreshing feeling that it brings.

  • Rado- I like this logo as the smoothness of the type directly links to the product they; being high-tec ceramic watches.

5 Logos I Hate:

I find these logos quite bland and also a bit dull to look at.

  • Safari - I find that this logo doesn't really relate to the brand but also that its quite outdated now

  • Facebook - I find this logo quite bland but also very unaesthetic - i think aesthetics do play an important roll when it comes to branding

  • Amazon - I like this logo more that the others that i have chosen due to the type and the smile. however I also think due to the negative feelings i have towards the brand in general, it also puts me off the logo

  • Adidas -I dont like the brand but also I think this logo would also look better if it was just the 3 lines.

  • Rolex - I like the colour associations with luxury and the grand type, however I think this could be updated.

Typeface I Love:

I really like these fonts as they are aesthetic and quite interesting. I was also really drawn to the hand made clay typeface which is something I would like to explore in more detail in the upcoming future.

Typeface I Hate:

Im not a fan of these typefaces as they seem old fashioned and outdated.

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