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Graphics Lecture 1: Establishing The Brief

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Tuesday 6th October

Notes from the lecture:

Key Slides

I really enjoyed this lecture as it gave me an insight into what working as a graphic designer could be like and the scope that a brief has. These notes will be really helpful and interesting to look back on when it comes to creating future briefs for myself or for when I work or consider taking on a brief from someone else.

5 Brands I love:

- Tezza -A photographer and Influencer. I really like how tea has branded herself as a fashion icon, photographer and social media expert. She used social media as a tool to reach an audience and now has her own book, Lightroom presets, home decor kits and her own editing app. I discovered her from the book she made giving photography and editing tips. I find her quite inspiring to see how far she has come and seeing how she has simply used the tools available to her to become a success.

-Katie Cardew - A local artist and illustrator from my hometown Stamford. Katie Cardew is someone I have always been inspired by, her brand identity focuses on country living and lifestyle which has landed her commissions with Henley regatta and Burghley Horse Trials.

-The Great Frog London - High end Gothic jewellery. I love the great frog London as a brand due to their consistent brand identity and image. Their photography carries a narrative and helps bring an atmosphere to their website and they are iconically known for their skull rings.

-Apple - I like apple due to how iconic and instantly recognisable their brand is. They seem to have quite a minimal and simple style however are very smart with how they advertise and brand themselves. An advert that has always stuck with me is focused on the sense when you open the box to a new iPhone and highlighting how satisfying it is to do.

-Wagamama - When I think of Wagamama I think of rich and tasty food and can almost smell the food just thinking about it. I think this is very powerful and Its interesting to see the consistency within each restaurant from the interior decor to the service and high standards of food which altogether forms a strong and excellent brand.

5 Brands I Hate:

-Wetherspoons- Spoons is a place we all go as students and renowned for being so cheap. Inspite of this it is a brand that I hate due to its mistreatment of workers during lockdown, for its sticky tables and because other independent pubs can struggle to compete with it.

-Jack Wills- I hate Jack Wills after attending an interview for one of its stores, I learnt that the brand is supposed to be for the gentry and seemed to give off a bitchy and classist feel to its store and thus the brand too.

-Nationwide- The poetry adverts is famous in my household for being muted whilst they are on and can even be enough to cause a channel change on tv. I think their branding a bit outdated for this time and in need for a major revamp

-Asos- After having an awful experience with the customer service at Asos, I have been put off using the company again showing the importance of customer service and voicing within a brand.

-Amazon- I'm not a fan of amazon as I cannot stand the layout of their website and also how the company has the power to destroy high streets and independent companies.

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