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Frida Khalo Viewing At Everyman Cinema

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Tuesday 20th October

On Tuesday me and my housemates went for a viewing to see the documentary about Frida Khalo and her work. I was blown away by her artwork for its emotion, imagination and for the vibrant colours within her work. I really like how she channeled all of her struggles and energy into this unusual form of art work. Although her artwork almost seems as if it is suerealism she claims it is not as she expresses that she draws from whats in her head and from her memories. I found this viewing really interesting as I wouldn't normally go to a cinema to watch a documentary however it seemed to help me concentrate but also feel part of the viewing almost. I would like to take away from Khalos work that you can draw from your mind and also the importance of colour which is something i would like to explore in the future.

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