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Forming My Own Font

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

When talking to Sharon, we went over my project and we discussed what I could do to improve my page and the graphic design within it. We discussed playing and adapting the font I had used as it was very basic to begin with. After also discussing the analogue feel to my room, I decided to explore my handwriting and working out how I could turn it into a font as this would be a perfect way to add to the idea that this is my own virtual room too and it would add to the uniqueness of my page.

To turn my handwriting into a font I used a website called calligrapher where I had to use this print out sheet to create it and then I had to add the font to my computer. I was surprised by how easy this was to do and it's a site that I will be using again in the future. It took me two attempts to form a type I was happy with and then I simply added it to Wix to change my text.

This was one of the attempts I was unhappy with has the letters didn't sit well together.

Here you can see the difference changing the font made to my page. I also changed the colour to grey so that it matched my colour palette and created a warmer and inviting atmosphere.

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