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Clay Typography Development

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

In order to develop my clay figures I decided to add some colour and excitement to them . I firdt added some colour on Procreate to see what colours and styles worked best. This allowed me to get an idea before i painted. I took inspiration from Alex Sickling for her simplistic and child like style. I hope that using this simple style would remind the audience of simpler and child like times making them feel relaxed and welcome. I decided to use the same man for each person as a simple representation of people. I am really pleased with how these figures turned out as the use of the same person creates a connection between each letter. The simple style reminds me of childhood figurines which come across as playful and fun which is exactly what I wanted.

Due to the success of these figurines and their strong connection to my event project, I’m hoping to use them somehow in my project and even for my homepage.

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