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Amar Gill

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Thursday 8th October 2020

-Viscom graduate now doing product photography

-Compositing - layering photos to merge lighting. You can gain an understanding for lighting by doing this

-Advertising photography and creative direction

-Worked 8 months full time with Angus Mcdonald and left when he thought he learnt everything he could from that position

-Works as a studio assistant in Leeds, building contacts through work. Wants to move to London to gain opportunities and creative freedom

-Linked in and instagram is the best way to get contacts

-Photography of drinks he took in lockdown and photoshopped the backgrounds in, shows what you can do even with limited equipment.

I really enjoyed the talk from Amar and how we got a tour of his work showing the reality and daily life of a product photographer. His talk highlighted the importance of gaining experience, using LinkedIn and how opportunities can vary depending on location. As lifestyle and branding is something that I am quite interested in I would quite like to take this skill development time to also experiment with product photography too.

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