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Alex Sickling

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Thursday. October 2020

-wonky ceramics with detailed illustrations

-Laura Kalin was her main inspiration

-She interned with Jay Cover from Nous Vous where she learnt how broad illustration is

-She came second place in a competition out of 30 where the public had to vote their favourite piece which taught her that illustration can be taken seriously in exhibition spaces


-her and a friend created events and exhibitions to showcase their work in a non pretentious way by choosing themes for each exhibition such as dog or scouts.

-their first exhibition was in the corn exchange

-they contacted artists that they like on social medias to participate in their exhibitions

-they made money off prints during these exhibitions too

she had a year in residency then moved back to newcastle into her parents home where she then brought a kiln and started making ceramics whilst also working part time at M&S cafe. she had an etsy page and posted on tumblr and instagram, She also enquired into putting her products into shops which led to her work featuring in magazines too. A dog ceramics she made featured in Harrods and she took private commissions alongside this too.

As she didnt live in London, she made trips down to participate in the Independent Ceramics Market and the DIY Art Market which she has been attending since 4 or 5 years ago. She said this had a massive impact on her as an aritst as this is where people with designer shops, National Portrait Gallery and Plumo took her card to then contact her later with opportunities. she also spoke about the benefits of meeting other creatives where they shared skills, stories and experiences.

She worked with anthropologie where they gave her a year or twos signed contract to sell her designs in shop which included some alpaca mugs and a yorkshire farmer biscuit pot. She contacted the Hepworth gallery to stock her work in the shop and found that working part time in studio and part time in retail is what worked for her as she liked the social aspect of it. She made Bill Murry Tshirts and tried to make a David Bowie Tshirt however was contacted for copywright issues so had to destoy all the tshirts.

-art libraries can offer 30 min free advice from a copywright lawer if needed

She produced work for a victorian village called Beamish such as a horse and carriadge which led her to creating two lines of ceramics one being the normal collection and the other being a more expensive line for collectors. she also trials new work at markets or on social media.

I really enjoyed this talk as it was interesting to see how broad illustration actually is and how you can take your own path into the world and find where you fit in.

I also really like how she photographs her artwork as it is minimal, crisp and really makes her work standout. I also love the lightness of her ceramics especially with the watercolour and gloss feel to them.

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