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After Affects Session 2

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Thursday 22nd October 2020

Character icon - shy layers affect

-layer will be active but hidden from our timeline

-toggle and select the master icon to remove it

-good for organisation

-continuous rasterize

-toggle quality layer - turn quality down to help your computer speed up

fx- toggle off to speed up

- for effects

-blank because no layers have effects


-in effects and presets pannel-(right side)

-click and drag effect onto a layer or composition

-should be a button to reset + delete action

hue and saturation

-master hue - spin whilst timeline drags

-causes rainbow

-over time it could get pixilated

animation presets

-can add effects to all layers

-motion blur- causes raindrops to blur with motion and varys with speed

-automatically blurs things with speed

-makes things more realistic

-change colours of layers to visually organise the timeline

-adjustment layer - where you can add effects to all layers underneath

- toggle makes it an adjustment layer


- drag asset to composition icon- makes it the composition

-aspect lock-keeps it the correct size without stretching the image

-fire - use rotating tool and staggered key frame

-scale- big-small-big-small

- combined flame and rocket layer together - nesting composition - whole animation contained in one layer

-access composition at file of layer-building little scenes- put into a big scene

import an illustrator image to after affects - it becomes rasterized (pixillated)

-star tool-used for vector layers

-continuously rasterized (drawn)

- layer becomes a vector again


- blur-gaussican

-increase blur-makes it look close to the camera and out of focus

-shrinks and moves into focus

-rotate too

-anchor point- move off to object - smashes around it - add motion blur

-handles allow curve - shows gravity

-orient along the path - rocket flies following the path

-layer - transform-auto orient

-motion blur added to rocket

select composition kf

- command

- toggle or rove across time

- moves at same speed

- kf= equidistant

-import layer - textures

- drag in layer

-opacity slider is one option

-apply texture- blend mode

-lower left 3 icons control this

- blend mode- multiply- makes white areas transparent

- import assets- stars in background - big image

- adds depth - moves stars slighty

App Demo

-add iphone to animation - nesting tool

-adds contexts to animation

- toggle hold keyframe -skips to each movement

export and saving

file- dependency - collect files

- puts assets and puts them together

- footage - assets

export-which comp selected - app demo

-file- export - add to media encoder queue - mp4 + H264

-match source- specific presets - youtube /twitter

-tell it where it should be saved - desktop

- click green play button to encode

- uni have powerful computers to render

-gives estimated file size

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