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After Affects Moving Image Workshop

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Thursday 15th October

Blank document = new composition

HDTU 1080 25 = always use at uni and even good for cinema submissions

UHD = ultra high definition UHD 4K 25 = super high resolution

key frame locator - let you jump to next or previous key frame - diamond turns blue if your on top

cashed previous area = Work area needs to be lengthened

file import - import images

upload cloud image and then move them onto the composition

Task: moving scene

- hot air balloon - moves along a curve

-sunflower - move the anchor point underneath it to allow it to grow, starts off invisible then grows from the ground using scale key frame. Sways in the wind - copy and paste key frame to let it sway

- drag from project to add more balloons- toggle multiple and drag them together

Photoshop can be used to create scenes in advances and to make items seperate

after affects is used to animate scenes

premiere pro can be used to then add music

HDTV 1080p - film and video

- create image to then animate on after affects

- can transport the whole photoshop file onto after affects instead of individually

- have an oversized background to loop as a moving background

-view-show-layer edges- view boundary of layer

-on after affects layers can shrink and be cropped to the composition size unless you select retain layer size when importing objects

- hold key frame - breaks up the animation - good for on and off flashing light for example

Examples of animations to try:

rain cloud and rain drops -form gradient- rain - dark sky - rain stops - gradient to light sky

car - rotate wheels separate to moving car body

I really enjoyed this workshop and will find these notes useful to refer back to in the future when I use after affects.

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