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Adobe Max: Tink Outside The Box

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

'A Joyful Life: illustration your way to contentment and success'

Wednesday 28th October 2020

Octavia Bromell dropped out of university and had suffered from anxiety and depression from stuggling with a busy and stressful life living up to other peoples expectations. As part of her therapy she started drawing and also reflecting on what makes her happy in life. She started illustrating full time and was the adobe creative in residency which is a year of funded work and gave her the opportunity to travel and work with companies such as Apple and Moleskin. During her residency she explored happiness with in the tiny things within everyday life and spent 100 days drawing something that was important to her and what made her happy. Bromwell paints using guashe and uses adobe fresco for her digital illustrations, I like how vibrant her work is and how it seems to almost seep happiness.

She spoke about taking 5 minutes a day just for you and to lead a slower life if thats what will make you happier especially when 40% more people are suffering from mental health during these difficult times.

why making work that makes you happy is beneficial:

-making work you love will make you happier

-the work you produce will be of a better standard

-you will be more likely asked to produce work that is similar

her top tips:

-take time for yourself

-experiment with softwares until you find one that is right for you

-draw things that make you smile each week to increase your gratitude and change your perspective

- create calm, creative moments for yourself


this was a talk and an artist that i really liked , i especially think that this is very relevant to our group project on mental health and well being. I especially like the idea of highlighting the small things in everyday life that make you happy as i belive these are the things that we gained a greater appreciation for in lockdown.

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