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A Walk to Kirkstall Abbey

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

To help develop my reseach and add some movement to my project, me and my friends went on a walk to Kirkstall Abbey to see if the act of walking in nature could benefit our mental health. This was also one of the activities in lockdown that I was very grateful and appreciative of so I thought looking at this activity in some more detail would be beneficial to my project. I also spent some time drawing for fun and to see if what I was researching about drawing improving your mental health was true. I found this activity really relaxing and I experienced being in the zone. This adds backing to my research and also allowed me to experience this feeling first hand which should allow me to convey this idea and these emotions more clearly to my audince.

After I did this walk, I asked my housemates who came on the wall with me to share their thoughts and feeling about their mental health and wellbeing in response to the walk. I thought it would be interesting to here some different opinions to my project and also to add some validation and backing to my own thoughts.

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