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3D Workshop: Ceramics*

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Monday 28 September 2020

In this workshop we learnt how to pinchpot. To form a pinch pot you have to make two cups and then merge them together to form a clay ball with air inside. You can then mould and shape this to form a contemporary or traditional vase. I really enjoyed this workshop as I have been interested in working with clay for a long time and I enjoyed learning about how you can literally create anything you want and to think outside the box. We learnt lots of techniques like forming the foundation like liquid which is used to help make two pieces of clay stick. I also enjoyed using different tools to either smoothen or make marks in the clay. I also found it helpful to learn about the health and safety behind using clay as the glass micro particles is something I didn’t know was in the dust.

In the end I formed this contemporary vase which I took inspiration from coral. These images show what it looks like before my outcome was fired and put in the kiln.

Friday 23rd October 2020

Today I went to collect my clay outcome from the studios. I was fascinated to see how the clay had hardened and turned white however my piece had unfortunately broken whilst in the kiln, I imagine due to the fact that there wasn't a hole for the air in the middle section of my outcome. this is a lesson I will remember when I next use clay.

When I was walking back from university, I came across this tile piece on Kendal Lane. It was interesting to see the combination of clay, typography and story telling being used all in one piece. As I was wanting to look into typography alongside my graphics skill set it would be interesting to combine these two skills and explore typography and clay.

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