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Up The Garden Path

Project type

Illustration & Design


May 2022


LAU 2022 Undergraduate Sustainability Award Runner Up

I created an educational pack in the format of a board game. The game is filled with fun facts and activities about nature making it easy for children to understand and allowing parents to physically see and feel the benefits of spending time outdoors. The game includes: a portable board in the style of a picnic blanket, challenge cards, player pieces, an outdoor adventure handbook, a dice, stickers and a create your own player template.

The game entails that players must race each other up and down a garden path. They must avoid slipping on muddy puddles, leap over flowerpots and face challenges along the way. The challenge cards are divided into a pack for indoor play and a pack for outdoor play and are filled with reflective questions, observations and fun activities that relate to nature. The Indoor challenge pack contains more thought provoking challenges such as “What is your favourite flower and why?” whereas the outdoor pack involves getting up and moving around to make observations such as “Name 5 animals you can see right now”. I hope that this will allow children to reflect on their feelings about nature, observe more when they are outdoors and learn new facts about their local natural spaces.

Each item from the game has been illustrated and designed whilst taking inspiration from the english countryside.

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